Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing at St Mary's Angling Club

Both lochs hold a good head of lively Brown Trout which can be seen rising freely on calm summer days and nights. Natural fly imitation (wet or dry) along with traditional flies are the best methods of fly fishing. Rainbow Trout type lures may catch Perch or small Pike but are unlikely to interest a St Marys Trout.

The Trout in the lochs are very discerning as to what they will take and will demand the very best efforts of the persuing angler, but to catch a pair of these wily Trout is an achievement worthy of many celebrations. If all you have encountered are stock Rainbow Trout then a visual feast and hard fight await when you connect with one of these wild Trout. Whilst fly fishing is undoubtedly the most popular method for Trout fishing, worms and maggots will also take fish especially in high water conditions.

If you choose to spin, small Mepps, jelly imitation fish type lures work well as do Rapala type lures trolled from a boat (however if using these methods please be aware of the possibility of a Pike strike and use a wire trace).

One of our members who trolls the loch regularly has had some excellent bags of fish comprising mainly of Trout and Pike using various Rapala lures and natural baits.

In 2009 the largest Brown Trout currently stands at a magnificent 8lbs 6oz (photo above).

As with all types of fishing have a word with some of the regular anglers or Email us!

We would be grateful if all Trout anglers could submit a return of Trout caught submitting using the following form:


Mobile: 07412659569 (John) / 07414591455 (Karren)


Trout Season Close

Please note the following updated rules for lure fishing:

Between April 1st and September 30th, you are permitted to use any legal lure on the lochs at your discretion.

Between October 1st and March 31st, no lure fishing is allowed within 100 yards of the mouth of both the Meggat River and the Regulator Area. However, all other areas of the loch are available for lure fishing, provided you use a lure that is 5 inches or larger.

The areas marked in red on the map are strictly off-limits for lure fishing during the Trout Close Season. These areas are designated as spawning grounds for the trout and must be respected. However, you are still allowed to fish for Pike in all other areas, as long as you comply with the regulations and use a lure that is 5 inches or larger.

If you encounter any difficulties with the maps or regulations, please do not hesitate to contact me.