A Collection of Photos from members and visitors

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Member Martin with Quasi once again

Member Martin with Quasi once again

Stuart Grieve Pike

Stuart Grieve 12 lbs Pike

Selkirk Anglers Pike

Selkirk Anglers Pike

Andrew N Pike

Andrew N ~10 lbs Pike

Andrew N Pike

Andrew N ~6 lbs Pike

Andrew N Pike

Andrew N Second every Pike around 5~6 lbs

Callum's September (2020) Salmon

Geoff K Perch

Gordon M Brownie

Tam M Perch

Griegorz Silver Sea Trout

2019 Heavy Trout winner Stuart Grieve with the winning fish below!

Stuart Grieve with a magnificent 3.5lbs Brown Trout.

Stunning sunrise caught by Stuart Grieve.

Jamie Fraser with his first of 2019!

The legend that is Quasi pictured with Martin!

A lovely Brown Trout caught by Jamie Fraser.

Jamie Fraser with another fine double.

Andy Grey with his PB of 16lbs!

Ecstatic! Jamie Fraser with his first Pike!

Mike Wood about to return a beautiful Trout just over a pound.

Visiting angler with a stunning Brown Trout.

Absolutely pristine 4lbs Brown Trout caught by Barry Leslie.

Barry with his fine winter 20.50lbs Pike.

Martin with a fine 15 pounder!

John Garske with a fine 14lbs Pike from the Lowes!

Craig Hunter's splendid 16lb 10oz Pike!

Martin shows a very fine Pike of around 17lbs!

Barry Leslie delighted with his 5lbs Brownie!

Stuart Sutherland with his fine 6lbs Brown Trout.

Barry Leslie with a fine Brown Trout of around 1.5lbs.

Young Alexa gets a helping hand from dad Malky with a feisty 7lbs 11oz Pike, her first ever!

Stuart Durham with a lovely ten pounder!

Unusual catch from St Mary's 3.5lbs Cock Salmon.

Davy Wilson with a very nice 14lbs Pike.

Kerry with a very fine Brown Trout of around 8lbs.

Our future, caught by Davy Wilson & Stuart Durham.

Mark Cooper gets 11lbs 2oz for this one!

Post spawning cracker tipping the scales at 17lbs 5oz caught by John Wright.

A fine 16lbs 8oz Pike.

George Clark with a stunning Brownie of 4lbs 15oz from the Lowes!

Steven from Hexham shows off a plump 9.5lbs fish.

Morgan with his first ever Pike a five pound beauty! Well done mate!

Chris on his first visit with a stonker, well done that man!

Drew with a very nice 16 pounder.

Our trolling guru Elliot Ness with a svelte 8 Pounder.

Michael H with a nice plump full finned 8lb specimen from the Lowes.

Stocky predator a 22lbs 7oz Pike.

Jimbo with a fine August fish of 11lbs 10oz.

Alan admires a beautifully marked 2lbs wild Brownie.

A happy Wullie ,the ghillie, from PAC RA52 with Blue 3 @22lbs St Marys

St Marys Graveyard.

Matt with a super 2lbs Brown Trout.

Chris with lovely Eel from the Lowes.

Picture perfect a 22lbs Pike.

Brian with a 23lbs 10oz specimen in super condition.

John Garske with a powerful 18 pound Pike from the Lowes.

A lovely Summer 19 pounder.

Alistair with a nicely coloured Loch o' the Lowes double.

Malcolm with a beautiful 24lbs 6oz specimen.

Mark C and a lovely back end 16 pound Pike from St Mary's.

Sarcophagus in St Marys graveyard.

Michael H jnr poses with a 12lbs 8oz St Marys Pike.

A plump 10lbs Pug courtesy Martin Caisley.

Nightime rewards! Pete with a cracking 22lb 8oz fish.

A crisp winters day showing the top of the Loch.

Young Eddie with a colourful and lively St Marys Perch.

Alistair with a fine 13lbs lure caught Pike.

A new day dawns! by John. W.

Mark C with a welcome 8 pounder from St Marys Loch.

A superb 20lbs 6oz winter Pike.

Matt with a fit lure caught 13 pounder.

Spring sunrise by john wright.

Michael H jnr with a welcome 11lbs January Pike.

Exquisite! The highly scented Dog Rose abundant around St Marys Loch.

Michael H jnr cradling a 13lbs+ St Marys specimen.

St Mary's Loch on a lovely summers day.Courtesy of Alistair.

Elaine displays a lovely 7 pounder.

Looking down St Marys Loch on a summers day! Courtesy of John. W.

A superb specimen Pike of 24lbs 13oz.

Douglas with his first ever Pike. A cracker at 15lb 7oz!

Drew with a nice 11 pounder from the Lowes.

A winter view of Bowerhope Steading across St Marys Loch

One of John Ws many captures a 14lbs beauty!

Top of St Marys taken in the 1930s.

Pete's latest catch - a fine 14lbs 10oz Pike.

Michael H jnr and a double from St Marys Loch.

John Ws latest catch, a superb 18lbs 9oz Pike

Ian with a super 2lbs Brown Trout

Chris shows a lovely March double from St Marys Loch.

Les with the magnificent 6lbs 15oz Brownie

Malcolm shows a quality 1.5lbs Perch

John P with the record Brownie for the Lowes @ 4lbs 11oz

Danny K with a cracking 7lbs 6oz Brownie.

Ian L RA52 very satisfied with a nice double.

Ian with a 12 pounder His smile says it all!

A delighted Ian L with his PB Brown Trout 8lbs 6oz . A fish of a lifetime!

Davy from Larkhall with a lively double.

Davy from Larkhall with a super double from St Mary's.

Colin from Larkhall with a lovely St Mary's 9 pounder caught on a Mepps.

No wonder he's smiling, 3 doubles in a session for Davy from Larkhall.

Bruce's 9 pounder.

Morgan with an overnight 8lbs+ Pike.

Stevie with a fine winter 12lbs Pike.

Kris with a PB fourteen St Mary's Pike.

Martin with a fine double!

Electric winter sunset by Fraser Patterson.