Catch Return Form

See below for our Online Catch Return Form:

About the form

All anglers are reminded that you should be submitting a return form for anything you catch on either St Mary’s Loch or Loch of the Lowes. Blank returns should also be submitted.

Submission Form Here (Save as a Bookmark), or see below.

When submitting the form it would be appreciated if you could include the following in the description, or at least as much information as possible:

  • Species Caught

  • Where Caught (an image of the swims of St Mary’s loch is below)

  • Number Caught

  • Length of the fish, from mouth to tail

  • The girth of the fish, around the largest point of the stomach

  • Weight, in lbs or KG, preferably not including mat/net weight

  • As most people have access to camera phones these days, A clear picture on the landing mat

  • If you catch a tagged Pike please assist us by stating Tag number, where and when caught, the weight of fish, bait used and any distinguishing marks or abnormalities.

  • Scale samples of indigenous species where possible and submitted to the Lochkeeper.

  • And finally, report to the Lochkeeper if Large or unusual species

A link on how to take scale samples – If you wish to submit these.

Unusual fish e.g. a suspected alien fish should not be returned to the lochs but humanely killed and put in a freezer until we can get it to the tweed foundation for forensic examination. This would likely include any coarse fish not indigenous in the loch and humpbacked salmon. All Rainbow Trout should be dispatched with no examination necessary. Although a Picture submitted to the blog or Lochkeeper would be appreciated to make us aware of these fish.

Please assist us by submitting your contact details if you catch a Large or Unusual fish so we can follow this up, you do not have to submit these details if you so wish.

Swims of St Mary’s loch

Why we collect this Information

We collect this information so we can maintain an idea on how the health of the lochs are, we do not stock the waters so while exact numbers are impossible we can get an average that shows us the fish are not only surviving but thriving!

We also require Trout returns for any submission we may make to the Tweed Commission or Scottish National Heritage, this includes for their surveys and studies.

Perch, Pike and other fish caught returns are for our advertising programme and club records (please include tag number if any, weight, time caught, where caught, and bait/lure used).

I believe with this being a google form you must have a google account to submit, if this is an issue, contact the page and I will endeavour to see how I can assist you for future submissions.

For those who do not have a Google Account, you can still submit your catch via email to